Business & Corporate Restructuring

There are several different types of business structures and all offering various benefits to different business owners.

Finding the optimal one for your business is key to reaping the best possible financial benefits. What will best suit your business depends on a number of factors, such as its size, function, market, and objectives. You will notice that, across the board, the desire to achieve goals is the same. Michael Lee & Associates wants to help you do that.

Our clients run the entire business gamut, from sole traders and partnerships, to large companies. With over 15 years of experience helping businesses through all phases — whether they’re just starting up, expanding, or reorganising — we provide well thought-out structuring recommendations and strategies to manage risks, taxes, future expansion, consolidation, or winding down — even family trusts. 

From start up to superannuation, taxation accounting and succession planning, and everything else that can boost your business, the inspired and passionate accountants at Michael Lee and Associates are committed to ensuring your business is structured in a way that optimises financial success.

Make the most of your business and make sure you are getting the right advice — the best advice — by taking advantage of our expertise at Michael Lee and Associates. Start with a free consultation — it’s just a call or email away. Michael Lee and Associates