Audit & Corporate Governance

Knowing Where to Look

Here at Michael Lee and Associates, we know how to discover opportunities that benefit businesses through our audits. As we are assessing what’s happening with your business, we are also identifying new products, services, and/or operational efficiencies that further reduce your exposure to risk and create more productive, safer work environments. 

Michael Lee and Associates is proud to provide a wide range of audit and advisory services to help businesses achieve their business objectives, manage their risk, and improve business performance. 

Our services include:
  • SMSF Audit (through an externally approved, independent SMSF auditor) 
  • External Audits (through and externally approved, company auditor services) 
  • Internal Audit (through and externally approved, company auditor services) 
  • Technical accounting advice 
  • Accounting systems review 
  • Risk review & analysis 
  • Tax Audit 
  • Company Secretarial 

Make us your choice for expert auditing services. Contact us with questions or to set up your free initial consultation, so we can start paving your path to a more successful business.

In today’s corporate game, playing by the regulatory rules is mandatory. Smart businesses are not only able to meet these requirements, but also have the know-how and wits to see hidden opportunities for financial growth. That’s where Michael Lee and Associates comes in.

The audit professionals at Michael Lee and Associates have served a wide range of businesses — from small businesses right through to large-scale companies. Our diverse list of clients includes registered clubs, trade unions, credit unions, and institutions that receive substantial government funding.

An Innovative and Individual Approach to Auditing

A crucial component to a Michael Lee and Associates audit is a solid understanding of the industry your business is in. With our years of experience, we’ve likely seen and resolved issues similar to those your business is facing. At the same time, we appreciate and embrace what makes your business unique, and we are always seeking ways to help it flourish. 

Our tool: the internal audit. An internal audit may not be the first thing that comes to mind as a positive step for your small- or medium-sized business. In fact, the “A” word often conjured the idea of a painful, convoluted process that creates more trouble than it is worth. Clients who have experienced the Michael Lee and Associates know better. That’s because, while working to identify actual and potential risks to your business, our audit professionals are secretly looking for ways to turn this into a competitive advantage.

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